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Diseases and Conditions

  • Age and Asthma
    Many people think of asthma as a childhood disease, but it often occurs as a new condition in older adults.
  • Aging Eyes and Glasses
    As your eyes age, their lenses become less flexible, and they slowly lose their ability to focus. It's an ongoing, lifelong process called presbyopia, which you begin to notice between ages 40 and 45.
  • All About Age-Related Macular Degeneration
    Age-related macular degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in people older than 60.
  • All About Aging Eyes
    Do you know the difference between normal changes in vision that occur with age and abnormal changes caused by age-related eye disease? Here are some answers.
  • All About Blood Pressure Medication
    Several kinds of medicine are commonly prescribed for high blood pressure. Here are some of the main types.
  • All About Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    According to the American Heart Association, there are five main types of cholesterol-lowering medications.
  • All About Color Blindness
    Most people with color blindness -- also called color vision deficiency -- can see certain colors. Usually, the difficulty involves distinguishing between shades of red and green.
  • All About Gallstones
    Gallstones are rocklike substances that form inside the gallbladder, a sac-shaped organ that is on your right side, just under the liver.
  • All About Hip Replacements
    If hip pain limits your ability to walk, work, or perform simple activities, you may want to talk to your doctor about a hip replacement.
  • All About Kidney Stones
    A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in the kidney out of substances normally dissolved in the urine.
  • All About Muscle Cramps
    Muscle cramps -- involuntary muscle contractions -- are common. But even though they can be quite painful, they don't cause damage.
  • All About Viruses
    Viruses are familiar from the common diseases they cause: colds and flu, for instance. But what are they, and how do they cause sickness?
  • All About Work-Related Asthma
    Occupational asthma is a lung disease in which the airways overreact to dust, vapors, gases, smoke or fumes that exist in the workplace.
  • All About Your Nails
    Did you know that fingernails grow faster than toenails? Or, that nails grow faster in the summer than in the winter?
  • All Kinds of Problems Can Beset Your Nails
    About half of people with nail problems have fungal infections. For some of these people, antifungal medications may help.