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  • Keep Your Brain Functioning
    If your brain gets too much or too little of what it needs, vital processes are disrupted. When things are out of sync in your brain, it can play havoc with your thoughts and emotions. Depriving your brain of sleep, for example, will impair your ability to concentrate and make decisions.
  • Keep Your Noggin Fit with Brain Exercise
    Active thinking pumps extra blood into your brain. Getting more blood to the brain is an important way to counteract the effects of aging.
  • Keeping Envy and Jealousy Under Control
    When someone gets a raise or a special perk, can you say congratulations and mean it? Or do you seethe inside and think, "That really should have been mine?"
  • Keeping Party Drinking Under Control
    The holidays can be enjoyed without drinking alcohol. But if you choose to drink, there are responsible ways to consume alcohol.
  • Keeping Your Anger Under Control
    Learning where your anger comes from and how to deal with it can help lead to a happier, more productive life.
  • Maintaining Weight Once You've Quit Smoking
    Although people generally gain weight when they stop smoking, you can reduce your chances of adding extra pounds by taking steps to prevent it.
  • Many Seniors Go Back to the Books
    No matter what you like to do, now is a great time to sign up for a class so that you can explore your interests. Many colleges and other educational organizations offer special discounts to older adults. Here are some ideas about how to get started.
  • Medications to Treat ADHD in Children
    Children who have ADHD are often given medication as part of their treatment plan. The type of medication most often chosen is a psychostimulant.
  • Moving Beyond All-or-Nothing Thinking
    When you lapse from your goals, remind yourself of all you've learned and how much you've accomplished.
  • Nicotine Substitutes Can Help You Quit
    For many smokers, nicotine substitutes can ease withdrawal symptoms such as headaches and restlessness.
  • Now Is the Time to Get Moving
    As cold weather settles in for the season and the days grow ever shorter, it's tempting to put off any thoughts of becoming active.
  • Older Adults and the Importance of Social Interaction
    Research has shown that social interaction offers older adults many benefits. Staying socially active and maintaining interpersonal relationships can help you maintain good physical and emotional health and cognitive function.
  • On the Road in Retirement
    No matter where you travel, plan ahead for health care when you're on the road.
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
    Children with ODD may refuse to follow commands or requests made by parents, teachers, or other adults.
  • Performance Anxiety Can Choke Up Athletes
    Anxiety can help focus and sharpen performance. For some athletes, however, the pressure of performing well takes its toll in the form of performance anxiety, which causes them to do less than their best.