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Baby's Care in the Hospital

  • Tests and Procedures
  • Baby's Care After a Cesarean Delivery
    Because babies born by cesarean may have difficulty clearing some of the lung fluid and mucus, extra suctioning of the nose, mouth, and throat are often needed.
  • Baby's Care After a Vaginal Delivery
    Healthy babies born in a vaginal delivery are usually able to stay with the mother. In many cases, immediate newborn assessments are performed right in the mother's room.
  • Care of the Baby in the Delivery Room
    A newborn baby is wet from the amniotic fluid and can easily become cold. Drying the baby and using warm blankets and heat lamps can help prevent heat loss. Often a knitted hat is placed on the baby's head.
  • Getting to Know Your New Baby
    Getting to know your new baby is part of a fascinating but relatively simple process called bonding, in which you essentially "fall in love" with each other.