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Relationships, Sex, and Intimacy

  • Being There: Advice for Expectant Dads
    Remember scenes from old movies where the husband paces around the waiting room while his wife is in labor? As a father-to-be today, you know that you can participate throughout your partner's pregnancy.
  • Parents-to-Be Must Communicate
    few mothers- and fathers-to-be receive training for the much more challenging and long-term tasks: becoming good parents and remaining close and loving partners in the face of new stresses and strains as their family grows.
  • Sex During Pregnancy
    In most cases, sex during pregnancy is safe. In fact, with your doctor's approval, sexual relations can continue until delivery.
  • We're Pregnant–Tips for the Expectant Dad
    More than ever, men are actively involved throughout the pregnancy experience. The term expectant father really fits, as men support, worry, and plan right along with their pregnant partners. Some of the more common experiences for expectant dads are included here.