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Leg and Foot

  • Are Feet at Fault for Back, Hip, and Knee Woes?
    If you are having problems with back pain, shin splints, knees or hips, look to your feet. Although these ailments might seem totally unrelated to one another, they can sometimes be linked to problems that start with your feet and how they're built, foot experts say.
  • Bone Spurs Are a Thorny Problem
    Scientists believe bone spurs occur because of osteoarthritis or when the body tries to heal itself after a trauma by replacing bone.
  • Essential Foot Care
    Years of wear and tear can be hard on your feet, as can shoes that don’t fit properly. Injuries and disorders of the feet can affect your mobility.
  • Foot Care for Walkers
    Wearing the appropriate type of shoe is the most important part of foot care for walkers.
  • Foot Pain and Problems
    Foot pain is often caused by improper foot function. Improperly fitted shoes can worsen and, in some cases, cause foot problems.
  • Fractures
    A fracture is a partial or complete break in the bone. When a fracture occurs, it is classified as either open or closed.
  • Stretches for Your Lower Legs
    Stretching can keep your lower legs limber and your joints pain free.