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Hand and Wrist

  • Carpal Tunnel Release
    Carpal tunnel release is a surgery that’s used to treat and potentially heal the painful condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Women develop carpal tunnel syndrome three times more frequently than men. It usually occurs only in adults.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: It's All in the Wrist
    Do you spend your days using a computer, sorting mail or assembling small parts? If your workplace duties put stress on your wrists, you may be at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Diagnosing Hand Conditions
    In some cases, a diagnosis can be made simply based on a physical examination. In other cases, though, tests may be needed to help confirm the diagnosis.
  • Dupuytren's Contracture
    This disease usually begins with a thickening of the skin in the palm of the hand. This may develop into a hard lump or thick band that eventually causes the fingers to contract.
  • Hand Pain and Problems
    Common hand problems include arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and ganglion cysts.
  • Overview of Hand Surgery
    Many different types of surgeries can be performed on the hand, depending on the underlying cause of the problem.