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Stroke Treatment and Recovery

  • Effects of Stroke (Brain Attack)
    When an area of the brain is damaged, which typically occurs with a stroke, an impairment may result. An impairment is the loss of normal function of part of the body. Sometimes, an impairment may result in a disability, or inability to perform an activity in a normal way.
  • Evaluation Procedures for Stroke
    Tests that may be used to help diagnose a stroke include a CT scan or MRI, and an electroencephalogram.
  • Rehabilitation for Stroke
    Stroke rehabilitation works best when the patient, family, and rehabilitation staff works together as a team. Family members must learn about impairments and disabilities caused by the stroke and how to help the patient achieve optimal function again.
  • Stroke Recovery Begins with Rehabilitation
    A stroke can cause problems with speech, vision, memory, balance or coordination. It can leave part of the body weakened or paralyzed, among other physical problems.
  • Treatment for Stroke
    Although there is no cure for stroke, advanced medical and surgical treatments are now available, giving many stroke victims hope for optimal recovery.
  • What to Do After a Stroke
    Stroke may cause physical and mental difficulties. But the good news is that you can recoup some or all of your previous abilities.