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Seniors and Memory

  • Don't Forget to Remember
    Your memory is built in three basic steps. Before you can remember something, you have to learn it.
  • Five Steps to Better Memory
    Aging can make it harder to remember some things. But by focusing on your potential and continuing to exercise your mind, you may be able to boost your memory power. Here are some strategies.
  • Helping Someone with Memory Loss
    In older people, it's easy to mistake memory problems for the everyday forgetfulness that some people experience as they grow older.
  • Memory Boosters
    Most experts agree that there is no solid proof that memory-enhancing supplements work. These products may not even contain much of their "active herbal ingredients."
  • Remember This: Many Have Memory Lapses
    Unpredictable, frustrating and, at times, embarrassing memory lapses can be common. So if frequent bouts of forgetfulness are causing you stress and worry, take note: there is most likely a simple explanation.