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Run and Jog

  • Follow the Road to Safety
    Exercising outdoors can be fun and enjoyable, but you should keep personal safety in mind before you head out the door.
  • How to Avoid Common Running Injuries
    Knowing about common injuries and how to prevent them can keep you on track toward achieving your fitness goals.
  • Is Barefoot Running Better?
    Research suggests that a thin-soled sneaker—or no shoe at all—may give runners the best injury protection.
  • Is It Too Hot To Trot?
    If you're not careful, you could wind up with a case of heat exhaustion just as easily as the couch potato next door, no matter how fit you might be.
  • Jog or Walk? Both Boost Your Health
    Walking is easier on your joints, but jogging burns calories more quickly.
  • Ready, Set, Run!
    It may not be as trendy as Pilates or power yoga, but running still delivers a great fat-burning, stress-reducing aerobic workout.