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Oral Medication

  • Can You Control Diabetes Without Medication?
    The answer depends on which type of diabetes you have, and how long you've had it.
  • Easy Ways to Remember to Take Your Medications
    If you have more than two medications to manage, consider getting a pill organizer -- a special container marked with the days of the week. Besides housing multiple medications, a compartmentalized organizer can be useful for keeping track of the medications you've taken.
  • Make Friends with Your Meds
    What makes some people sticklers for following through with their medications, and others haphazard at best?
  • Managing Your Diabetes Medications
    You may need to take as many as four types of medicine every day. The more medicines you take, the greater the risk is for a medication mishap.
  • Oral Medications
    Many types of diabetes pills are available, and each type has a specific action.