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  • Diabetes Tests Worksheet
    To manage your diabetes, it's important to get regular health exams. This list will help you track which exams you need.
  • Diabetes: Tests You Need and Why
    By getting regular tests and checkups, you can help control your diabetes and prevent or delay damage caused by high blood glucose.
  • How to Manage Diabetes During Illness
    The stress of illness or injury can cause blood sugar to rise and make insulin less effective. This can lead to serious problems, including diabetic coma. That’s why it’s important to know what to do when illness strikes.
  • Important Vaccines for People with Diabetes
    You need a yearly flu shot, a vaccine against pneumonia, and a shot against hepatitis B.
  • People with Diabetics Need to Wear ID
    If you have diabetes, wearing a medical identification (ID) bracelet or necklace at all times is a good idea.
  • Real-Life Ways to Manage Diabetes
    If managing diabetes seems like a full-time job, keep in mind it’s a task that can’t be taken lightly. Diabetes is the fifth-leading cause of death by disease in the United States.
  • Steps Women Can Take to Reduce Their Diabetes Risk
    Type 2 diabetes can be especially deadly for women. Of the nearly 16 million Americans with diabetes, more than half are female.
  • The Metabolic Syndrome: At Risk for Depression
    People with more visceral fat or an apple-shaped body—two factors associated with the metabolic syndrome—are more likely to have depression.
  • What to Do After Your Diagnosis
    If you or a family member has been diagnosed with a serious or chronic condition, you likely have a lot of questions regarding treatment and long-term health. Here are some suggestions on how to find accurate information.
  • With Diabetes, Beat the Heat
    These no-sweat tips can help you avoid diabetes-related problems caused by summer temperatures.