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Managing Symptoms

  • Antibiotics May Help COPD
    Treatment guidelines now recommend that antibiotics be used to treat worsening COPD caused by a bacterial infection.
  • COPD: Take a Hand in Your Health
    To manage your COPD, it’s important to talk with your provider when you have questions about your symptoms, treatment, medications, exercise, or diet.
  • COPD: When Symptoms Get Worse
    Be aware of the early warning signs of change, such as more frequent symptoms or the onset of a new symptom.
  • Five Steps to Knock Out Stress
    Stress can make COPD symptoms worse. Here are some quick ways to stay calm.
  • How COPD Affects the Lungs
    Every breath can be a chore when you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Signs of Respiratory Distress
    It's important to learn the symptoms of respiratory distress to know how to respond appropriately.
  • Your COPD Action Plan
    Writing this document with your doctor can help you recognize a symptom flare-up—and take the right action to prevent serious problems.