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Advice for Parents

  • Cross-Cultural Adoptions Raise Sensitive Issues
    As the parent of an adopted biracial/bicultural child, it's important to acknowledge that your child is different. The goal is to help your child feel a sense of pride about his or her culture and race so it becomes a positive part of his or her identity.
  • General Principles of Discipline
    Most children need to be given consistent, clear rules and expectations about behavior. Discipline needs to begin as soon as the child is mobile—pulling up and crawling.
  • Help Your Children Chill Out
    Kids must cope with all the issues, such as violence or global warming, that stress out adults. But they must also handle stresses added by their parents and the media.
  • How to Say No to Preteens
    As children grow older, risks get more complex and restrictions harder to enforce.
  • Keeping Your Cool When Parenting Teens
    As difficult as it is being a teenager, being a parent of one is even harder.
  • Parents-to-Be Must Communicate
    few mothers- and fathers-to-be receive training for the much more challenging and long-term tasks: becoming good parents and remaining close and loving partners in the face of new stresses and strains as their family grows.
  • Put Peer Pressure in Its Place
    Peer pressure can get the best of children and push them to do things that they don't really want to do. Parents can counter it, if they're ready to help.
  • We Can Head Off Teen Tragedies
    Preventing teen turmoil starts at birth. Parents set examples in the way they interact, express anger, and treat substance abuse.