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Making the Decision to Have Hormone Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Your doctor may recommend hormone treatment if any of these applies to you.

  • You are older, neither surgery nor radiation is a good option for you, and you don't want to try watchful waiting.

  • You're planning to have surgery or radiation treatment. Having hormone treatment before other treatments can sometimes help shrink the tumor. A smaller tumor is often easier to treat. 

  • You have local prostate cancer but are at higher risk for the cancer coming back after treatment. Hormone therapy may be used along with external radiation therapy in these cases.

  • You've had a rise in your PSA level after you've had surgery or radiation, and the doctor isn't sure where the cancer has recurred or it has recurred in a distant part of the body. Hormone treatment may help slow the growth of the cancer if it is coming back. 

  • Your prostate cancer is advanced, meaning it has spread to more distant parts of the body. This is also called metastatic cancer. Hormone treatment may help keep the prostate cancer in check for a time or ease your symptoms.

Talk with your doctor about what you can expect to feel during and after the treatment.