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Making the Decision to Have a Stem Cell Transplant for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

You and your doctor will need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of this procedure. A transplant allows for the delivery of much higher doses of chemotherapy than would otherwise be possible. This may cure an aggressive lymphoma. However, many people who need a transplant may not be able to withstand the side effects. Your doctor may recommend this procedure in the following cases:

  • You have lymphoma that does not go away completely or that comes back after initial treatment.

  • Your lymphoma is in remission after initial treatment, but your doctor thinks it is likely to relapse.

Stem cell transplants are complex and demanding. They require doctors with specific training, called bone marrow transplant specialists. If you decide to have one, be sure to have it done in a hospital that specializes in stem cell transplants. The transplant is expensive (often costing more than $100,000). Not all insurance companies cover the cost.