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Common Side Effects After Targeted Therapy for Leukemia

If you are having targeted therapy, your health care team will explain its side effects and help you manage them.

Potential Side Effects of Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Here are the main side effects of monoclonal antibody therapy.

  • Fever during the injection

  • Chills during the injection

  • Increased chance of infection

Potential Side Effects of Small Molecules

In most people, small molecules cause only mild side effects. Here are the main side effects you may have.

  • Infection

  • Easy bruising or bleeding or tarry stools

  • Diarrhea

  • Nausea

  • Muscle pain and fever

  • Extreme fatigue

  • Itchy skin rashes

  • Bloating or swelling

  • Abnormal liver function

Potential Side Effects of ATRA

You will likely have side effects of the chemotherapy drugs you're taking with ATRA. You may also have symptoms of a serious problem called retinoic acid syndrome. It can cause these symptoms.

  • Breathing problems

  • Low blood pressure

  • Kidney damage

  • Swelling