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How You Take Targeted Therapy for Leukemia

How you get targeted therapy depends on the kind you get.

How You Take Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

You get monoclonal antibody therapy by intravenous (IV) needle. You won't need to stay in a hospital overnight. How long each treatment lasts depends upon the dose you get. It also depends on whether you have any reactions to the treatment. It may take about 2 hours.

How You Take Small Molecules

You will likely take small molecules as a pill by mouth once or twice a day. If you start taking the drug early in the course of the disease, you may take it for many years. However, this drug may stop working over time.

How You Take ATRA

You may take ATRA during more than one phase of treatment. It may be during your first treatment or later for a long period of time. It's usually combined with other chemotherapy drugs to put your leukemia into remission. You take it in a pill form.