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What to Expect After Chemotherapy for CML

Side effects of chemotherapy are different for everyone and vary based on the drugs you receive. The side effects usually end when the treatment ends. Below is a list of common side effects that come with chemotherapy for CML. Ask your doctor or nurse which ones are most likely for you.

  • Appetite loss, nausea, and vomiting

  • Bruising or bleeding from low blood platelets  

  • Fatigue from low red-blood-cell counts

  • Hair loss

  • Infections from low white-blood-cell-counts

  • Mouth sores

These are some of the more serious potential side effects of CML chemotherapy.

  • Tumor lysis syndrome. This is caused by the breakdown of large numbers of leukemia cells. It can affect your kidneys, heart, and nervous system. Your doctor will check your kidney function and do other tests to watch for this.

  • Organ damage, including damage to kidneys, liver, testes, ovaries, brain, heart, and lungs