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Gallbladder Cancer Second Opinions

Doctor speaking with a woman in an office setting

Since gallbladder cancer is a rare disease, people may sometimes have a hard time deciding which gallbladder cancer treatment to undergo. Before starting treatment, patients may want to have a second doctor review their diagnosis and treatment options. It is important to remember that a short delay in treatment will not reduce the chance that the therapy will be successful. Some health insurance companies even require that cancer patients seek a second opinion, and many other companies will pay for a second opinion if patients request it. There are a number of ways to find a doctor who can give a second opinion, including:

  • The primary doctor. A patient's doctor may be able to recommend a specialist, such as a surgeon, medical oncologist, or radiation oncologist. Sometimes, these doctors work together at hospitals or special cancer centers. Patients should not be afraid to ask their doctor about second opinions.

  • The Cancer Information Service. The Cancer Information Service, available by dialing (800) 4-CANCER, informs callers of treatment facilities, including cancer centers and other programs supported by the National Cancer Institute.

  • Other options. Patients can get the names of doctors from local medical societies, a nearby hospital or medical school, cancer advocacy groups, and other patients who have had gallbladder cancer.

Remember, it is not as important to make a quick decision as it is to make an informed one. Patients should get all the information that they can to help make the best decision. It will also help them know what to expect from treatment and their cancer health care team.