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Statistics on Endometrial Cancer

Some people use statistics to try to figure out their chance of getting cancer or being cured of it. But statistics only show what happens to large groups of people. Because no two women are alike, you cannot use statistics to predict what might happen to you.

These U.S. statistics are from the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Facts & Figures 2013:

  • This year about 49,560 women will be told they have uterine cancer. Most of these cases are endometrial cancer.

  • About 8,190 women will die of cancer of the uterus this year.

  • The incidence rates of endometrial cancer have been stable in white women, but have been increasing in African-American women by 2.2 percent per year. The reasons for this are not well understood.

  • Most endometrial cancer (68 percent) is diagnosed at an early stage because of postmenopausal bleeding. Women are encouraged to report any unexpected bleeding or spotting to their health care providers as soon as possible.