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Anxiety and Depression

  • Adjustment Disorders
    Adjustment disorders are quite common in children and teens. They are characterized by an excessive reaction to stress.
  • Anxiety Disorder (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about anxiety disorders that may affect individuals undergoing cancer screening, diagnosis, or treatment. Approaches to reducing anxiety are discussed.
  • Anxiety: Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Guided Imagery
    These skills take practice, and the more you practice them, the more helpful they are. Some people find it useful to make a tape to listen to as they practice. A soothing tape of music may help.
  • Taking Antidepressant Medications
    If you have been asked to take drugs for your feelings of depression. To take antidepressant drugs safely, you will need this safety information.
  • When and How to Stop Antidepressant Medication
    Deciding when and how to stop taking several popular antidepressants is something you should always discuss with your health care provider.