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  • Asthma Action Plan Worksheet
    Your health care team will help you fill out your Action Plan. Provide the information requested to see how well you are managing your asthma.
  • Asthma Knowledge Quiz
    Do you know tobacco smoke's effect on asthma? What about asthma's effect on pregnancy? Find out the answers to these and other questions by taking this quiz.
  • Asthma: Out of Breath at a Meal
    Try to breathe evenly while chewing. If you begin feeling short of breath, take a break between bites.
  • Coffee: A Magic Potion for Asthma Control?
    New research suggests that caffeine can boost airway function in people with asthma.
  • Fight Asthma with the Right Nutrition
    Some experts believe that you may reduce your asthma symptoms by eating certain foods.
  • Know Your Peak Flow
    You and your health care provider can use information from a peak-flow meter to help stop a flare-up in its tracks.
  • Management of Asthma
    One part of asthma management is to identify and avoid the things that trigger your asthma. You also need to understand how to take your asthma medications.
  • People with Asthma Need Yearly Flu Shot
    Getting the flu can be serious business for people with asthma. That’s why it’s important to take steps to prevent it.
  • Traveling with Asthma
    Whether you pack a suitcase every week or once a year, you probably know that traveling takes a little extra preparation when you have asthma.