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  • P Glossary
  • Pacemaker Insertion
    During a pacemaker insertio, a small electronic device is implanted in the chest (just below the collarbone) to help regulate electrical problems with the heart.
  • Pacemaker Insertion Podcast
    A pacemaker is a small electronic device implanted in the chest to help regulate electrical problems with the heart.
  • Pacemakers
    You may need a pacemaker if you have an abnormal heartbeat. To understand how a pacemaker works, watch this video. It will also help you learn how to care for and live with your pacemaker.
  • Pacemakers and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs)
    Detailed information on living with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator
  • Paget Disease of the Bone
    Paget disease is the most common bone disorder after osteoporosis in people older than 50.
  • Paging Dr. Mom
    One of the many hats that parents wear is that of a “first responder.” When their child is sick, they are the first to assess the symptoms and treat the illness.
  • Pain (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about pain as a complication of cancer or its treatment. Approaches to the management and treatment of cancer-associated pain are discussed.
  • Pain Control
    If your child has moderate to severe pain, he or she may receive narcotics during and after surgery. If your child is in the ICU after surgery, he or she may receive sedatives along with pain medications.
  • Pain Management
    It's normal to expect a certain amount of pain after surgery, but if the pain does not subside with pain medication, you may have a more serious problem. Your doctors and nurses will ask about your pain because they want you to be comfortable.
  • Pain Management - Cancer and Pain Management
    Oncology clinics usually offer several pain management options for any procedure that may be painful, such as a bone marrow aspiration or lumbar puncture.
  • Pain Management and Children
    When a child has cancer or another pain-causing disease, one of his or her greatest fears is pain. Every effort should be made to ease the pain during the treatment process.
  • Pain Quiz
    What's the most sensitive part of your body? Are women less sensitive to pain than men? Does everyone feel pain? Get answers to these and other questions by taking the pain quiz.
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  • Pancakes plain, frozen, ready-to-heat (includes buttermilk), 1 oz

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