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Health Topics, A-Z

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  • F Glossary
  • Facelift
    During a facelift procedure, excess facial fat is removed, facial muscles are tightened, and the skin is stretched to make a smoother appearance.
  • Facing Up to Alcohol in the Workplace
    Alcohol-dependent employees incur twice the health care costs of the average employee, are more likely to steal from their employers, are more likely to be involved in workplace accidents and are five times more likely to file worker’s compensation claims.
  • Facing Up to Smoking 1
  • Facing Up to Smoking 2
  • Factors Contributing to Congenital Heart Disease
    In up to 90 percent of cases of congenital heart defect, the cause is thought to be a combination of genetics and environment.
  • Facts About Animal Bites
    Whether the bite is from a family pet or an animal in the wild, scratches and bites can become infected and cause scarring. Animals can also carry diseases that can be transmitted through a bite.
  • Facts About Blood
    Detailed information on blood, including components of blood, functions of blood cells and common hematology tests
  • Facts About Burn Injury
    Hot tap water burns cause more deaths and hospitalizations than burns from any other hot liquids.
  • Facts About Diabetes
    Diabetes affects the way the body metabolizes, or uses, digested food to make glucose, the main source of fuel for the body.
  • Facts About Poisons
    About 60 percent of poisonings in children involve items other than medicines—plants, cleaning products, cosmetics, pesticides, paints, and solvents.
  • Facts About Skin Cancer
    Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, with more than a million new cases diagnosed each year.
  • Facts About Skin Cancer
    Statistics relating to skin cancer
  • Facts About Sunburn
    Detailed information sunburn, including symptoms and treatment
  • Facts About the Spine, Shoulder, and Pelvis
    Detailed anatomical description of the spine, shoulder, and pelvis, including full-color, labeled illustrations

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