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Health Topics, A-Z

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  • A Primer for Preschooler Safety
    Your little ones can learn a lot about safety if you take some time to teach them. Here's an ABC that you and your children can recite together.
  • A Question of Taste--Or Is It Smell?
    Our taste buds are important, but smell seems to play a bigger role. Most people who complain of loss of the sense of taste are surprised to learn they are actually having problems with their sense of smell.
  • A Quick Look at Reflexes
    What happens when your health care provider taps on your knee with a rubber mallet? Your leg kicks forward, seemingly on its own. And in a sense, your leg has a mind of its own -- in your spine.
  • A Rational Diet for Bodybuilders
    Many of today's generation of musclemen are told by nutritionists and bodybuilding experts that well-balanced meals will offer enough protein for all but the most intense exercisers.
  • A Recipe for Food Safety
    Although most foodborne illness stems from raw animal foods -- such as eggs, meats and dairy products -- fruits and vegetables may carry germs, too.
  • A Red Face Could Signal Rosacea
    Although the cause of rosacea is unknown, people with fair skin who blush easily may be at the greatest risk for it.
  • A Rotation That Starts at the Waist
    This back exercise improves strength and flexibility of your spine. Start by sitting in a sturdy chair, with your feet flat on the floor.
  • A Safer Way to Get Out of Bed
    Something as simple as getting out of bed properly can help to ease strain on your back and prevent injury.
  • A Safety Checklist for Parents
    You can help keep your children safe by following these precautions.
  • A Serious Look at Fainting
    Fainting is a loss of consciousness, falling down or needing to lie down, followed by spontaneous recovery. Fainting by itself is not a problem, but it could be a sign of a serious health condition.
  • A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away
    You can avoid the flu this season by taking one simple step: Get a flu vaccination.
  • A Thanksgiving Menu Tune-Up
    Today’s goal is not to re-create a Norman Rockwell painting, but to produce a festive meal you will be happy to serve on Thanksgiving Day. The biggest change: If you don’t need to present the whole turkey for carving at the table, cook a turkey breast instead.
  • A Warning on Medicinal Herbs
    Herbal remedies may be popular, but just how many of the hundreds of herbs on the market act on the body isn't clear.
  • A Weighty Issue: Childhood Obesity
    Childhood obesity is more prevalent in the Northeast, followed by the Midwest, South and West. It is also more prevalent in cities than in rural areas.
  • A Winter Cold: Not Inevitable
    Although colds cannot be prevented -- or cured -- you can take precautions to reduce the chance of infection.

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