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Health Topics, A-Z

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  • A Guide to Common Medicinal Herbs
    Here's a look at some of the more common medicinal herbs. Most herbs have not been thoroughly tested for effectiveness or interactions with other herbs, supplements, drugs or foods.
  • A Guide to Cooking With Herbs
    If you're just getting started with herbs, go at it gradually. Experiment with one or two herbs at a time. For freshness, purchase herbs that have been newly dried, and buy in small amounts.
  • A Guide to Eyeglass Lenses
    Eyeglasses can be prescribed for a range of vision problems, from nearsightedness to farsightedness to the diminished vision of advancing age.
  • A Heads-Up for Football Safety
    Coaches should tell players not to tackle or block with their heads or run head-down with the ball.
  • A Healthier Hero
    Whether they're called subs, hoagies, heroes or grinders, long sandwiches stuffed with a variety of ingredients are a favorite lunch choice.
  • A Healthier Pasta Carbonara
  • A Healthy Kitchen Makeover
    From the food you stock in the freezer to the silverware you put on the table, your kitchen is your partner in health. When you fill your kitchen with the right tools and foods, you reap the benefits.
  • A Kids' Asthma Journal
    Do you want to gain better control over your asthma? Put it in writing!
  • A Look at Probiotics and Health
    Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms. Although few cause illnesses, probiotics may keep the harmful bacteria in check so that you avoid or shorten a bout of stomach upset.
  • A Look at Senior Nutrition
    Although older adults still need plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber, they need to add or subtract a few things from the diet they followed earlier in life.
  • A Must-Know Guide to Drug-Drug Interactions
    Drug-drug interactions occur when one drug interacts or interferes with another drug. Such interactions are dangerous because they can alter the way one or both of the drugs act in the body. They can also cause unexpected side effects. The following information can help you avoid drug-drug interactions.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Choosing Child Care
    As a parent of a young child, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing who will care for your child while you’re at work.
  • A Positive Step Toward Fitness
    The way you think about exercise can be the crucial factor in sticking with your fitness program.
  • A Prescription for Good Health
    For long-lasting health and well being, stay physically active, challenge your mind and stay involved with others.
  • A Prescription for Health in Menopause

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