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Face Lift

A surgical procedure called a face lift, or rhytidectomy, can be used to reduce the effects of aging on the face. These effects can include:

-sagging cheeks,

-deep folds running from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth,

-jowls, or sagging skin at the jaw line, and

-loose, flabby tissue around the chin and neck.

During a facelift, an incision is usually made in the natural contour of the ear, extending around the earlobe and back into the hairline. The skin is then freed from the underlying muscles and tissues.

Once the skin has been lifted, excess skin and fat are removed and deeper tissues may be tightened or repositioned.

If necessary, additional incisions can be made to remove fat and restructure the underlying tissues of the neck, eyelids, and brow line.

After a recovery period, swelling and bruising subside, hairstyles and makeup can be used to conceal the surgical scars.

There are several potential complications associated with this procedure that should be discussed with a doctor prior to surgery.


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