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Diabetes Education

Managing diabetes is much more than simply monitoring blood sugar levels. The successful management of diabetes means committing to a life-long wellness plan. Education is focused on seven self-care behaviors identified by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) for successful management of diabetes.

Diabetes Education Team

Certified diabetes Educators specialize in case management and can assist with:

  • Reducing HbA1C levels 2 percent on average
  • Creating a personalized and relationship-based plan of care
  • Defining individual goals and identifying specific needs
Joni Pagenkemper, MS, RD, LMNT, CDE
Joni Pagenkemper, MS, RD, LMNT, CDE
Kristina Volkmer, Exercise Physiologist
Kristina Volkmer, Exercise Physiologist
Marilyn Miller, BSN, RN, CDE
Marilyn Miller, BSN, RN, CDE
Pat Stanton, RN, CDE
Pat Stanton, RN, CDE
Sandi Nimmo, BSN, RN, CDE
Sandi Nimmo, BSN, RN, CDE
Sarah Keegan, RD, LMNT
Sarah Keegan, RD, LMNT
Meghan McLarney, RD, CDE
Meghan McLarney, RD, CDE

Educational Topics

Visit each of the American Association Diabetes Education (AADE7™) Self-Care Behaviors sections of the website to download useful worksheets to help in maintaining control of your diabetes.


Medicare and most insurance companies provide benefits for diabetes education. Review educational benefits with your insurance provider. Visit the class calendar and register for a class. Scholarship may be available to those who qualify.

Diabetes Self-Management

This is an informal interactive group support taught by diabetes professionals. Participants will receive:

  • A free blood sugar meter
  • Resources
  • Ongoing support

Gestational Diabetes

Management of gestational diabetes includes meal planning, monitoring and blood sugar guidelines during pregnancy. Includes free blood sugar meter.
Spanish classes available.

Eat, Walk and Talk for Corporations

A program for corporations with employees at risk of developing diabetes or currently living with diabetes. We come to you.

Weight Loss University (WLU)

This is behavioral change for individuals wanting to lose 10 to 30 pounds and begin an active lifestyle.

Sarah's Kitchen—Making Healthy Easy

A lively cooking session based on healthy eating using nutritious recipes. Tasting required!

Introduction to Insulin Pumping

Explore the steps to successfully managing diabetes to navigate an insulin pump.

Continuous Blood Glucose Sensor

Learn the concepts of continuous glucose sensing and current sensors available.

Individual Consulting

Participate in one-on-one counseling with a case manager.

Blood Sugar Group

Learn pattern management and how to safely adjust your medications.

Type 2 Support Group

Gather to share your thoughts and ideas about diabetes. Free. Meets at Peony Park Hy-Vee.

Trusted Online Diabetes Resources

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