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Trauma Center Staff

Trauma/Critical Care Surgeons
All of the trauma surgeons at Nebraska Medicine are specialty trained and board certified in critical care surgery in order to provide additional expertise when caring for the injured patient. A board certified trauma surgeon is in the hospital twenty-four hours each day, seven days each week, to oversee the care of patients.
Orthopedic Trauma Surgeons
The Orthopedic Trauma Team evaluates and treats fractures and dislocations, both common and complex. Poly-traumatized patients and those with long-bone and pelvic trauma benefit from a full array of emergency services, diagnostic imaging, and consultation. These physicians use techniques of internal, intramedullary and external fixation, as well as microvascular techniques for the repair of fractured and damaged joints and soft-tissues.
Neurosurgical Surgeons
Nebraska Medicine's Neurosurgery Department offers a full range of treatment options for all traumatic neurosurgical problems including traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.
Surgical Subspecialties
Nebraska Medicine also offers trauma surgical care in areas such as Oral/Maxillofacial, ENT, Ophthalmology, Plastic and Vascular Surgery.
Pediatric Critical Care
Nebraska Medicine is a premier site for the evaluation, treatment and expert care of children who have experienced severe and life-threatening injuries. Our fellowship-trained, board-certified surgeons are highly skilled in all areas of pediatric surgery, including advanced neonatal and minimally invasive procedures, and use the latest surgical techniques to ensure the utmost in patient safety.
Trauma Case Manager
A Trauma Registered Nurse is assigned to each severely injured trauma patient to assist the patient and their families from admission to discharge.

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