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Coming for a Liver/Small Bowel Transplant

So they say your child may need a transplant and you’re coming to Omaha? What now?

Getting the news that your child may need a transplant is frightening and overwhelming. Even if your child has been sick their whole life, this is a very complicated procedure. No doubt you will have a million questions, not only about the transplant, but about our hospital and how we take care of our kids’ and families’ emotional needs. We understand that leaving your “hometown” hospital and all the staff you’ve grown to trust, is an extremely difficult thing to do. We want to try to help.

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What if the patient is you?

If you are reading this and you are a pediatric patient, we know there must be a lot of feelings and emotions inside you. Patients of all ages often feel better when they know what to expect, so the more you learn, the less stressful your experience is likely to be. We want to tell you about our hospital so that you will feel a little better about leaving your own hospital, doctors, and nurses.

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