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The Arts

Through a relationship with VSA Arts, the hospital auxiliary and the Junior League of Omaha, the Child Life Department brings art and the community into the everyday lives of hospitalized children and their families.

The Arts

These experience range from a volunteer-lead, bedside "art cart" to "art nights" that bring professional artists together with the patients and families. These experiences have included art forms such as music, rhythm, ballet, sculptors, theater and visual arts.

Caring for hospitalized children challenges each one of us to insure not only healing of their bodies but also their developing minds. Nebraska Medicine, "Art Experiences" program is child-focused, and a healing process of both body and spirit.

  • is inclusive of the whole family
  • allows expression of feelings
  • allows choices and mastery
  • reduces stress
  • promotes normal growth and development
  • brings the community to the family and allows for socialization
  • promotes normalcy

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