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Standardizing Central Venous Catheter Care in the Outpatient Realm: Care from Hospital to Home (SCORCH) Guidelines.

  • The purpose of the guidelines is to standardize the out of hospital care of patients with central venous catheters in order to optimize safe medication administration across the continuum of care and improve patient outcomes.
  • The development of these guidelines has been a joint effort of several Omaha-area organizations.
  • In May 2011, this group convened and began developing the guidelines, assigning themselves and the project the acronym SCORCH – Standardizing Central Catheter Care in the Omaha Region: Care from Hospital to Home.
  • It is hoped that the information in these guidelines will be useful in the provision of best practices to patients dismissed from hospital with central venous catheters in place.
  • These guidelines are for guidance only and are not a substitute for physician or nursing judgment or consultation with experts with respect to individual patients.

Download the SCORCH Guidelines pdf