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Adult Progressive Care Unit

The mission of the Adult Progressive Care Unit is to provide individualized, interdisciplinary, quality nursing care to patients which exceeds customer expectations and includes patients and their families in the care planning process.

The Adult Progressive Care Unit is a 13 bed unit which provides care for patients with medical or surgical conditions for which progressive care is warranted. These patients require frequent monitoring, or nursing intervention, and/ or advanced equipment and pharmacologic interventions.

Nursing Adult Progressive Care Unit

Registered nurses are accountable for all aspects of patient care and are assisted by unit clerks, patient care technicians, team leaders, case managers, and a clinical education coordinator. In addition to our unit resources, we work closely with a multidisciplinary team consisting of dedicated social workers, pharmacists, and physicians. Nurses are ALCS certified; they receive specialized training and expertise to manage patients with art lines, assist devices and numerous titratable cardiac drips.

The Adult Progressive Care Unit provides care to a variety of patients including but not limited to trauma, neurosurgery, critical care surgery, and critical care medicine. If you value team work and a multidisciplinary approach to care, as well as challenging opportunities to care for a variety of high acuity patients, we invite you to come join our extraordinary team!


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