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Gateway to Success Summer Internship


The Gateway to Success Summer Internship Program is a 240 hour clinical working experience designed for nursing students participating in the Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship.


This program will provide an opportunity for the student nurse to apply and observe theoretical and practical skills in a selected clinical environment with an assigned staff nurse. Participation in the summer internship program is part of the eligibility criteria for the Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship.


  1. The student will be assigned to work with a designated Registered Nurse preceptor for the entire program
  2. Gateway to Success students will be classified as casual labor (temporary) status with no benefits. They will be a non-licensed member of the nursing staff.
  3. The start date will be determined upon hire.
  4. Students will be selected by the unit Manager and preceptor after the interview process
  5. The student is to be assigned the same RN preceptor for the entire program. In the event of illness, vacation, or resignation, other arrangements will be made after discussion with the student and the manager. Existing schedules policies will apply to the student enrolled in the program.
  6. The RN preceptor will be responsible for the hiring, assignment, and evaluation of the student in conjunction with the unit manager.


  1. Must be a participant in the Gateway to Success Minority Nursing Scholarship program.
  2. Current BLS certification
  3. Nebraska Registered Nursing Assistant or registry eligible as a Nursing Assistant with the State of Nebraska.


Assists with basic nursing care under the supervision of the assigned RN preceptor. Demonstrates knowledge and skill in addressing age-specific needs of the patients served.

Students will not perform procedures that require licensure by the State of Nebraska.

The following is not an all inclusive list and may vary from unit to unit.

Direct Patient Care
  • Answer patient call lights
  • Make beds
  • Patient hygiene including baths, oral care, and perineal care
  • Shampoos
  • Pass trays, assist with meals, and feed patients
  • Measure and record fluid intake and output
  • Record calorie count information and appetite
  • Serve fresh water and nourishment
  • Assist with elimination needs; (i.e. urinals, bedpans, commodes)
  • Application of external catheters
  • Empty foleys and ostomy bags
  • Turn patients to maintain good body alignment
  • Ambulation of patients
  • Help patients in and out of bed to wheelchairs, chairs, and stretchers
  • Active and passive range of motion
  • AM and PM care, oral hygiene, back rubs
  • Vital signs, heights, weights, and measurements
  • Assist with admission, transfer, and dismissal of patients
  • Collection of specimens (i.e. stool, urine, sputum, gastroccult)
  • Application and removal of TED stockings
  • Apply warm and cold pacts (unsterile)
  • Adhere to standard precautions for infection control
  • Utilization of proper isolation techniques for infection control
  • Assist with post mortem care
  • Oral and nasal suctioning with bulb or catheter
  • Observe and report appropriate symptoms, reactions, and changes in patient condition
  • Documentation of appropriate information on the patient care flowsheet
  • Assist preceptor in the development of the patient care plan
Indirect Patient Care
  • Removal of hospital equipment and placement for return to Material Support Services on discontinuation of use or discharge of patients.
  • Maintenance of a clean and comfortable environment for patients and unit personnel by straightening the unit, patient rooms, utility rooms, exam rooms, treatment rooms, and cupboards
  • Assist with obtainment of supplies and equipment
  • Deliver specimens to the laboratory when necessary
  • Escort patients to other hospital areas (i.e. solarium, business office, etc.)
  • Observation of special procedures, as assigned by Patient Care Supervisor or preceptor
Functions Not Assumed by the Student
  • Medication administration
  • All functions requiring a license to perform


  • Starting salary is $11.75/hour
    • Night shift differential is an additional 15%
    • Weekend shift differential is an additional 9%


Working hours are discussed in the interview and will be assigned according to the preceptor’s schedule. Shifts are 12 hours with the following minimum requirements:

  • scheduled to work at least 24 hours per week
  • weekends and holidays required according to the preceptor’s schedule


The student, preceptor, and the unit manager will be asked to complete evaluations at the end of the assignment. This information is very beneficial to Nebraska Medicine and participation is appreciated.

Continuing Employment

At the end of the assignment the student may apply to transfer into another position in the same unit or a different unit depending on availability and schedules. Please discuss these opportunities with the manager or contact Kelly Huffman at 402-552-3044 or email for more information. To apply for an internal transfer, you will need to complete an on-line Job Transfer Request form by signing in on the Job Search page

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