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Walking a Mini Marathon to Raise Awareness About "Bad Genes"

Published Date:09/15/2016

In 2009, cancer invaded the life of Denise Ibsen Cole’s mother for the second time. Previously diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, she was now battling cancer in her colon and spine. It was aggressive and Denise’s mom didn’t survive.

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Nebraska Medicine Announces Availability of Breakthrough New Treatment for Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease

Published Date:09/09/2016

Pantheris First-Ever Image-Guided Atherectomy Device Designed to Empower Physicians to Precisely Remove Plaque While Avoiding Disruption of Healthy Arteries

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Meeting the Man Who Received Her Teenage Son’s Heart

Published Date:09/02/2016

After Losing Her Son in a Tragic Accident, Kentucky Mother Travels to Omaha

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