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Physicians Who Practice At The Nebraska Medical Center On Best Doctors List

A total of 192 physicians who practice at The Nebraska Medical Center have been recognized on this year's list of Best Doctors in America®. The doctors include 156 full and part-time faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and who are also affiliated with UNMC Physicians, the UNMC practice group.

The list of physicians was excerpted from the Best Doctors in America® 2009-2010 database of over 45,000 doctors in more than 40 specialties, which represents the top 3 to 5 percent of specialists in the country.

Physicians are selected on the basis of the question: “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” A peer-review survey by thousands of doctors determines the doctors included in the database. Only those doctors who earn the consensus support of their peers are included and only physicians in the Best Doctors database are allowed to receive the survey, nominate others and vote.

Best Doctors in America® was founded in 1989 by two physicians affiliated with Harvard Medical School and is today a leading resource to those seeking medical advice and information.

The Nebraska Medical Center physicians featured in the 2009-2010 database are identified below.

UNMC Physicians

Joseph C. AndersonRadiology
Dean L. AntonsonPediatric Specialist
Kimberly Ann ApkerRadiology
James O. ArmitageMedical Oncology and Hematology
Hari BandlaPediatric Specialist
Teri Jo BarkoukisSleep Medicine
Teresa Grace BergObstetrics and Gynecology
John M. BertoniNeurology
Joel BessmerInternal Medicine
Philip J. BiermanMedical Oncology and Hematology
Jean Frederick BothaSurgery
Susan BoustPsychiatry
Julia A. BridgeMedical Genetics & Pathology
Bruce A. BuehlerMedical Genetics
William J. BurkePsychiatry
Wing C. (John) ChanPathology
Peter F. CocciaPediatric Specialist
Samuel M. (Sam) CohenPathology
John L. ColomboPediatric Specialist  
Kevin P. CorleyPediatric Specialist
Kenneth H. CowanMedical Oncology and Hematology
David A. DanfordPediatric Specialist
Cyrus Victor DeSouzaEndocrinology and Metabolism
Kim F. DuncanPediatric Specialist
Arthur R. EasleyCardiovascular Disease
Catherine M. EberleGeriatric Medicine
James EdneySurgical Oncology
Charles A. EnkeRadiation Oncology
Christopher C. EricksonPediatric Specialist
Paul EspositoPediatric Specialist
Pierre B. FayadNeurology
Edward Vincent FehringerOrthopaedic Surgery
David FinkenPediatrics
Mark H. FleisherPsychiatry
Kenneth A. FollettNeurological Surgery & Pain Medicine
Alison Gail FreifeldInfectious Disease
Kevin L. GarvinOrthopaedic Surgery
James GigantelliOphthalmology
Glen M. GinsburgPediatric Specialist
Dennis P. GoeschelFamily Medicine
John L. GollanGastroenterology & Hepatology
Whitney Sears GoldnerEndocrinology and Metabolism
Bruce GordonPediatric Specialist
Carl GreinerPsychiatry
Timothy GreinerPathology
Carl H. GumbinerPediatric Specialist
Jud W. GurneyRadiology
Daniel E. HalmFamily Medicine
James Martin HammelThoracic Surgery
Christine P. HansPathology
Jeffrey HarrisonFamily Medicine
Brian HasleyPediatric Specialist
Kristie Denise HayesDermatology
Leslie HellbuschPediatric Specialist/Neurological Surgery
Steven H. HinrichsPathology
Ronald R. HollinsPlastic Surgery 
Barbara J. HurlbertAnesthesiology
Thomas J. ImrayRadiology
Kimberly Jean JarzynkaFamily Medicine
Sonny L. JohanssonPathology
Perry JohnsonPlastic Surgery
Andre KalilInfectious Disease
Margaret Anne KessingerMedical Oncology and Hematology
Lynell W. KlassenRheumatology
Christopher J. KratochvilPediatric Specialist/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
John Dale KuglerPediatric Specialist
Rudy Paul LacknerThoracic Surgery
Amy E. LacroixPediatrics
James T. LaneEndocrinology and Metabolism
Alan N. LangnasSurgery
Jennifer L. LarsenEndocrinology and Metabolism
Paul D. LarsenPediatric Specialist/Neurology
Audrey LazenbyPathology
Subodh M. LelePathology
Peter J. LennarsonNeurological Surgery
Donald A. LeopoldOtolaryngology
Gary Stephen LernerPediatrics
Richard E. LutzPediatric Specialist
Daniel D. LydiattOtolaryngology
William M. LydiattOtolaryngology
Thomas G. LynchVascular Surgery
William L. LyonsGeriatric Medicine
Lynn Mack-ShipmanEndocrinology and Metabolism
Thomas M. MagnusonPsychiatry 
Mark E. MailliardGastroenterology & Hepatology
Timothy Raymond MalloyGeriatric Medicine
Rodney S. MarkinPathology
Monty S. MathewsFamily Medicine
Timothy M. McCashlandHepatology
Rodney D. McCombPathology
Ted MikulsRheumatology
Timothy E. MooreRadiology
Matthew A. MorminoOrthopaedic Surgery
Debra E. MostekFamily Medicine
Robert MuellemanEmergency Medicine
Sandeep MukherjeeHepatology
Peter James MurphyPulmonary Medicine
Amy S. NeumeisterEndocrinology and Metabolism
J. Scott NeumeisterInternal Medicine
Nils NystromHand Surgery
David V. O'DellInternal Medicine
James R. O'DellRheumatology
Jennifer ParkerInternal Medicine & Pediatrics
Audrey PaulmanFamily Medicine
Paul M. PaulmanFamily Medicine
Craig Arnold PiquetteCritical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine
Samuel PirruccelloPathology
Sheryl L. PitnerPediatrics
Jill Adair PooleAllergy and Immunology
Thomas R. PorterCardiovascular Disease
Jane F. PotterGeriatric Medicine
Laurel C. PreheimInfectious Disease
Mohammed Abdul QuaderThoracic Surgery
Elizabeth C. ReedMedical Oncology and Hematology
Stephen I. RennardPulmonary Medicine
William Bradley RizzoPediatric Specialist
William H. RoccafortePsychiatry
Kerry J. RodabaughObstetrics and Gynecology
Debra J. RombergerPulmonary Medicine & Critical Care Medicine
Mark E. RuppInfectious Disease
Paul H. SammutPediatric Specialist
Aaron R. SassonSurgical Oncology & Surgery
Daniel F. SchaferGastroenterology & Hepatology
Susan A. ScherlPediatric Specialist
Tina Scott-MordhorstPediatrics
Patricia SeivertPediatrics
Byers W. Shaw, Jr.Surgery
Vijay ShivaswamyEndocrinology and Metabolism
Edibaldo Silva-LopezSurgical Oncology
Joseph H. SissonCritical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine
Michael A. SitoriusFamily Medicine
Carl V. SmithObstetrics and Gynecology
John Lloyd SmithFamily Medicine
Philip W. SmithInfectious Disease
Russell B. SmithOtolaryngology & Surgery
Michael F. SorrellHepatology
John Wesley SparksPediatric Specialist/Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Sharon StoolmanPediatrics
Todd W. StullPsychiatry
Thomas Gerald TapeInternal Medicine
John H. TinkerAnesthesiology
Edward VandenbergFamily Medicine & Geriatric Medicine
Jon A. VanderhoofPediatric Specialist
Susanna Gertrude Von EssenCritical Care Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine
Julie M. VoseMedical Oncology and Hematology
John N. WalburnPediatrics
Craig W. WalkerRadiology
Phyllis I. WarkentinPathology
Dennis D. WeisenburgerPathology
Steven WengelPsychiatry
Douglas H. WheatleyFamily Medicine
Robert Swift WigtonInternal Medicine
John WindleCardiovascular Disease
James L. WisecarverPathology
Renee L. YoungGastroenterology
Weining (Ken) ZhenRadiation Oncology

Private Practice Physicians

Garnet J. BlatchfordColon and Rectal Surgery
David E. BrownOrthopaedic Surgery
Charles BurtOrthopaedic Surgery
Derek BurdenyRadiology
James CanedyOrthopaedic Surgery
John Joseph CannellaInternal Medicine
Robert M. CochranHand Surgery
James Richard CommersMedical Oncology and Hematology
Harris A. FrankelNeurology 
Mark E. GoebelOrthopaedic Surgery
George GreeneNeurological Surgery
Michael A. HalstedOphthalmology
T. J. HolmesInternal Medicine
Brett KettelhutAllergy and Immunology
Timothy K. KingstonSurgery
Sarah B. KonigsbergEndocrinology and Metabolism
Lonny Joe LeginoObstetrics and Gynecology
Rodney P. LuskPediatric Specialist/Otolaryngology
Paul H. MeissnerFamily Medicine
Gordon S. MoshmanFamily Medicine
Randall D. NeumannOrthopaedic Surgery
Mark D. OmarInternal Medicine
Richard K. OsterholmInternal Medicine
William R. PalmerRheumatology
Douglas RamosPlastic Surgery
Edwin Conrad Schafer IIGastroenterology
Joseph F. ShehanInternal Medicine
Kent H. SiemersObstetrics and Gynecology
Ann Meissner SjulinObstetrics and Gynecology
Karen J. StaceyInternal Medicine
Britt A. ThedingerOtolaryngology
Alan G. ThorsonColon and Rectal Surgery & Surgical Oncology
Timothy O. WahlEndocrinology and Metabolism
Peter J. WhittedOphthalmology
Thomas WhittleVascular Surgery

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