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Transplant Reunion Celebrates Second Chances

Several hundred transplant recipients from across the nation will gather in Omaha to celebrate their second chance at life at The Nebraska Medical Center’s 2009 Transplant Reunion. The reunion will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Convention Center.

The reunion gives about 650 transplant recipients a chance to visit with old friends and the medical center transplant team and learn about new advances in transplantation.

“The transplant reunion is really a time of celebration,” said Alan Langnas, D.O., chief of transplantation at The Nebraska Medical Center. “For the transplant team (the surgeons, nurses and coordinators), the reunion is a validation that this is what our hard work is all about. We have watched our patients through the most challenging time in their lives and it is so encouraging to see how well they’re doing at the reunion. Instead of our conversations focusing on their medical problems, we’re talking about the first day of Kindergarten, weddings and the births of children.”

New at the reunion this year is a special session just for teens where teenagers will be able to share with one another about their transplant experiences and receive encouragement from experts. Young guests will enjoy special activities including games and arts and crafts. Adults will be able to attend educational sessions geared specifically toward their post-transplant needs. The day will wrap up with group pictures featuring each transplant “class” as classified by type of transplant/organ.

About 4,200 solid organ transplants (kidney, heart, small bowel, pancreas and liver) have been performed at The Nebraska Medical Center since 1985.

The Nebraska Medical Center also has the busiest small bowel transplant program in the nation. During the year 2008, 32 small bowel transplants were performed at The Nebraska Medical Center, that’s more than any other center in the United States.


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