OneThousandOne represents the amount of time, verbally, that it takes to count to one second. In this one second of time, a great thing happened at Nebraska Medicine. In fact, several great things probably happened. A patient was cured, a researcher found the missing link, a nurse treated an injury, a doctor comforted a family or maybe a child just smiled.

Physician Focus

A Legacy of Influence

Winter | 2014
To understand why Michael Sitorius, MD, is where he is today, you have to start at the beginning.

The Sound of a Whistle

Fall | Winter 2011
It wasn’t so much a calling that Richard Hurd, MD, was responding to when he chose family practice medicine. It was a whistle.

Staying on Course

Fall | Winter 2010
Spurred by his love of athletics, Harris Frankel, MD, once considered becoming an orthopaedic surgeon and focusing on sports medicine. As skilled at reading a putt as he is at reading an MRI, he also might have taken a swing at professional golf.

Room To Breathe

Spring | Summer 2010
Becoming a physician wasn’t first on Marlin Stahl’s list of things to do in life, until he was challenged by a very close friend.

Reviving History

Fall | Winter 2009
Lon Keim, MD, is a forward-thinking physician, teacher and researcher who is deeply fascinated by the past.

Back on the Fairway

Fall | Winter 2008
“Physician, heal thyself.” It’s a popular quotation from the New Testament. Like most of us, Peter Whitted, MD, has heard it many times. He knows what it means – and knows better than most people how difficult it would be.

Drawn to Medicine

Spring | Summer 2008
He not only writes out the weird-sounding name so they can spell it correctly or look it up later, he draws them a picture. He maps out the gastrointestinal tract and shows, as precisely as he is able, what may be wrong and how he plans to address their problem.

Making Healthcare Work

Summer | Fall 2007
As a dad, Dr. Canedy is good at crafting things. As president and executive director of SimplyWell LLC, Dr. Canedy is an expert at crafting innovative concepts and solutions for healthcare delivery and management.

Maximum Precision

Summer | Fall 2007
About two years ago, Timothy Solberg, PhD, an unassuming individual with some big goals, slipped into the lower halls of The Nebraska Medical Center to join his new colleagues in the Department of Radiology.

Field of Medicine

Fall | Winter 2006
When Bill Thorell finished high school in 1988, he had only one thing on his mind and it wasn’t medicine. “I had no idea what I wanted to do,” Thorell recalls, “except play baseball.

From Cockpit to Operating Room

Fall | Winter 2006
After a particularly exhausting week during his training to be a transplant surgeon, Byers Shaw Jr., MD, could think of only one way to relax. An aviation enthusiast since his teens and a pilot for many years, Dr. Shaw knew that getting off the ground would be the best way to lift his spirits.