OneThousandOne represents the amount of time, verbally, that it takes to count to one second. In this one second of time, a great thing happened at Nebraska Medicine. In fact, several great things probably happened. A patient was cured, a researcher found the missing link, a nurse treated an injury, a doctor comforted a family or maybe a child just smiled.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Bariatric Program: The Lighter Side of Life

Fall | Winter 2012
At 286 pounds, Kelly Maki had learned to give up a lot of things in life that most people take for granted and the extra pounds were taking a toll on her health.

In the end, it came down to how she wanted to live the rest of her life — in pain, immobile and in constant fatigue or healthy and living life again. She chose the latter.

Revealed by the Past

Spring | Summer 2010
After discovering a genetic predisposition for ovarian cancer, Mary Bernstein bristled at the thought of surgery. A new robotic procedure for hysterectomy, however, had Bernstein back on her feet the very next day.

Picking up the Pace

Fall | Winter 2009
Every time Maria Perales slips on her walking shoes and hits the pavement, it’s another reason to celebrate. After four surgeries, three in the last year, walking is one of those little things in life that Perales no longer takes for granted.

No Small Innovation

Spring | Summer 2009
After a year of suffering persistent and worsening symptoms of reflux, Sherri Mastin’s quality of life had taken a dramatic spiral downward.