OneThousandOne represents the amount of time, verbally, that it takes to count to one second. In this one second of time, a great thing happened at Nebraska Medicine. In fact, several great things probably happened. A patient was cured, a researcher found the missing link, a nurse treated an injury, a doctor comforted a family or maybe a child just smiled.
Fall | Winter 2008

Fall | Winter 2008

  • Spreading the Cure
    When Russel Iwan began experiencing pain in his upper leg he didn’t think much of it – until that was all he could think about.
  • Awakenings
    Last fall, when Amy Most felt something odd below her rib cage “like a little hiccupping going on inside,” it was such a vague sensation that she simply dismissed it. Even after it happened six times in three weeks.
  • Westward Expansion
    When you need healthcare, you want it to be convenient and you want the best. Now you can have both.
  • Back on the Fairway
    “Physician, heal thyself.” It’s a popular quotation from the New Testament. Like most of us, Peter Whitted, MD, has heard it many times. He knows what it means – and knows better than most people how difficult it would be.
  • Seeing the World in a New Light
    For as long as Bridgit Pollpeter remembers, she has had diabetes.  At age 4, Bridgit remembers receiving insulin shots several times a day, alternating the shots to different parts of her body.