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Multidisciplinary Care

What does multidisciplinary care mean?

Nebraska Medicine is a recognized leader in providing exceptional care to patients by using the multidisciplinary approach to care. This approach to care brings physicians and researchers of specialized training and backgrounds together to collaborate regarding treatment plans for individual patients.

A multidisciplinary team may include specialty trained or fellowship-trained physicians in areas of surgery, radiology, pathology and pharmacy. Nurse case managers, social workers, nutritionists and rehabilitation specialists are also part of the team.

At Nebraska Medicine each of the team members is dedicated to a certain disease state. Reviewing cases in the specific disease state is their job and they are exceptional at recognizing and understanding every aspect of that specific disease because they work with it day in and day out.

As an example, this level of dedication is especially critical in diagnosing cancer. “The first diagnosis and the proper diagnosis is very important for patients,” says Julie Vose, MD, medical oncologist at Nebraska Medicine. Dedicated pathologists make quick work of pin-pointing specific diseases because they see them every day. “For us at Nebraska Medicine, our pathology department is able to set us apart at arriving at accurate diagnosis,” said Edward Faber, MD, medical oncologist at Nebraska Medicine.

When many disciplines work together as a team and agree on treatment plan for a patient, the best possible outcome can be achieved. The benefit to this type of care is that each patient’s case has been reviewed and discussed and has received a comprehensive individualized treatment plan, unique to their condition.


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