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Serious Medicine. Extraordinary Care.

Proper Use

The Nebraska Medical Center's new corporate signature was developed by a local graphic design firm, under the direction of Marketing.

The original Shield icon design represents not only academia, but a sense of strength and protection- both traits normally associates with a shield. In addition , the original Clarkson logo used for decades until the 1980s, featured a shield icon, representing the hospital's Episcopal heritage dating to the 1880s.

The two white "roads" represent the convergence of both Clarkson and University, as the founding institutions of The Nebraska Medical Center. The black and red fields behind illustrate movement from the present into the future.

The typeface, Stone Serif, was selected, again, for its representation of strength and classic appearance.

The new identity does not have an abbreviation. The name of the hospital is The Nebraska Medical Center. In printed materials, on second and subsequent reference, it is appropriate to identity The Nebraska Medical Center as "the hospital" or "the medical center." The name is never abbreviated with four letters.

The new identity will appear on materials used in the hospital (form, stationery, etc.) as new materials are reprinted. Signage carrying the new name will be installed throughout the hospital.

We have developed guidelines to help define and delineate appropriate use of our identity. These guidelines are detailed in the pages that follow.

All material contained with in these pages are the property of The Nebraska Medical Center and require express permission from the Marketing Department for use.

The Nebraska Medical Center brand identity is built from consistent and creative elements, including a corporate signature (logo) corporate colors, corporate fonts, imagery and visual elements.

Approved Usage

There are different configurations of the official Corporate Signature, each combining the Logo with the Wordmark. They were created for use on internal and external communications pieces. To accommodate different design possibilities, several approved configurations of the Corporate Signature are available. Choose the version that best suits the style of your communications piece. (View the configurations.)

The Logo is a registered servicemark and may not be altered. To ensure that all uses of the official Logo will be consistent in quality, do not attempt to recreate or manipulate it in any way, electronically or otherwise.

Logo Legibility

The Logo and Signatures need to be legible when printed on or reversed out of photographs, designs or screened backgrounds. Do not use the logo when it would not be legible.

Incorrect Usage

The Corporate Signature is a stand-alone design element, not words or parts of a statement, and must appear separate from other elements in all applications. For example, they cannot be placed in a box or circle.

The Corporate Signature cannot be used within a sentence, phrase or headline, or used as art work.

To ensure the integrity of the Corporate Signature, it is imperative that no words or images crowd, overlap or merge with the Signature or are placed on a photo or design that obscures the words.

The Corporate Signature is a registered servicemark and must not be altered. For example, they cannot be shaded; shadowed; screened; used in outline form; or filled with a texture or photo.

Do not use a scanned, recreated, re-proportioned or otherwise modified version of the Corporate Signature.

Proportions of the Corporate Signature must remain the same in either reduction or enlargement. They may not be stretched out of proportion in either direction.

The separate elements of the Signature may not be used independently or in conjunction with other designs. For example, the Shield Logo cannot be used with other letters, making the design element reminiscent of the Logo.

Combining the Corporate Signature with other logos or designs that are not authorized is prohibited.

The Corporate Signature may not be cropped; it must be used in their entirety.

The Corporate Signature may not be rotated or tilted, except by special approval on promotional and specialty items.

Corporate Themeline

The Nebraska Medical Center has also trademarked a corporate theme line Serious Medicine. Extraordinary Care. This theme line should be used with the logo to provide brand positioning. It should appear near the logo and cannot be used in other ways which would taint the brand positioning either internally or externally. For instance, it would not be proper usage to say Serious Care. Extraordinary Service. It would also not be appropriate to use Serious or Extraordinary in slogans which would look or sound similar to the theme line.

Consult Marketing at 552.3385, email, or reference our style guide if you have questions about appropriate use of the Corporate Signature or related materials.